Exterior Cleaning & Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning does not impact the appearance of your home in the same way that pressure washing the siding will. (Unless of course, the gutters are so clogged that you have plants growing in the gutters. This is more common than you think because people tend to not look up. Our friends at Bel Air Gutter & Siding tell us that scheduling gutter cleanings will catch problems early and extend the life of your gutters and prevent damage to your house.Gutter Cleaning

Exterior Cleaning

The exterior appearance of your house or your business says a whole lot about you. A clean building will attract customers naturally, new residents, or potential buyers if you are looking to sell. With time, there is a buildup of dirt on your building’s exterior due to exposure to weather conditions and other factors. Hand cleaning may prove a challenge and will not be as efficient. Exterior cleaning ensures that mold, mildew, debris, stains, dirt, and discoloration, are a thing of the past.

High-pressure cleaning is the method commonly used for exterior house washing. If done incorrectly, it leads to stripping. When stripping occurs, it makes some of the areas appear cleaner than the others. This is as a result of the uneven application of pressure to the surface. The paint on your wood siding will probably be stripped off due to high pressure. For this reason, it is best to leave it to the professionals to protect the exterior of your building.

Professionals are skilled with the knowledge and know-how of high-pressure washing for efficient and safe cleaning. Rather than hiring out a high-pressure washer, get a professional to do the dirty work for you. It saves you on time, money, and effort. You will also be guaranteed of safety. Landscaping and cleaning companies are some of the companies that offer residential exterior cleaning. They focus on wooden decks, sidewalks, concrete slabs, etc.

For exterior washing at homes, biodegradable cleaning is used for the safety of the plants or soil. Concrete slabs use extremely hot water and high pressure. Wooden decks require hot water at low pressure to avoid splintering the wood. Other companies include gutter cleaning which removes debris using high-pressure water and thereafter, hand cleaning.

Companies have the right products and equipment to get the job done. Due to extensive experience, they are able to reach high places at weird angles and still get the job done right. A day is enough time to get the cleaning done. However, it may depend on the area being cleaned. The cost includes labor, materials to be used such as soap, and sometimes the transportation costs. You should not be billed for items you provide yourself such as water.

Commercial Floor Cleaning and Waxing

Floors tend to lose their shine without proper cleaning and maintenance. They can develop stains, discoloration, or wax build-up. The scratches and films attract even more dirt causing your floor to look unsightly. Types of floors range from brick, asphalt tile, ceramic tiles, linoleum and vinyl, concrete, flagstone, and slate, etc. Depending on the traffic, polished floors will eventually start to degrade with time. It is necessary to strip and re-polish hard floors so that they maintain their natural luster.

Due to safety concerns, clients now prefer non-slip floors on their properties. However, these cannot be maintained with regular floor cleaning for a long time. Most of the non-slip floors are made from a semi-porous material which absorbs dirt after some time. When this happens, they begin to look stained and dirty, even after cleaning; a regular mop will not do much for these surfaces.


For chipped and discolored floors, cleaning is done first. A new wax finish is then applied. Wax does soak into the wood, therefore, finish from a different material is recommended for the wood floors. It is best to hire a flooring professional for this procedure. Liquid wax is easier to apply, but it is not durable. It is mostly suitable for linoleum, unvarnished hardwoods, or some vinyl. Solid paste wax is harder to apply and works well for true linoleum and unvarnished hardwoods.

Floor Maintenance

It is imperative to understand the different types of floors for proper maintenance and cleaning. Most times, cleaning products are not a one size fits all. Different cleaners are suitable for different floors; this will help bring out the best in your floor and increase its lifespan. Regular cleaning and maintenance also help business owners cut down on the costs used in professional repair, replacement, and cleaning of their flooring.

  • Basic Floor Care Products

A broom, mop, and vacuum are a must have. Vacuums may not be necessary unless part of the flooring is carpeted.

  • Frequency

If the area experiences a lot of traffic, the recommended professional floor cleaning time should be after a year. However, depending on special occasions, the frequency may be adjusted.

  • Cleaning Cost

Majority of the professional cleaners charge by the square foot. The larger the floor area, the higher the billing.

  • Finding Professional Floor Cleaners

An excellent way to find a good cleaner is to check reviews or recommendations from colleagues, family, and friends.

Professional cleaners know exactly what products are needed for your floor. They incorporate the right cleaning solutions and equipment to give back your floor its original shine. A clean floor also promotes a healthy environment free from dust and allergens.