You’ve been doing car cleaning wrong. Get a professional

There’s a very high probability that a good percentage of our male readers are rolling their eyes at this topic. “I’ve been cleaning my dad’s car since I was eleven years old, there’s not a thing you can teach me about giving a car a good wash.”  You’re most likely right about the first statement. Maybe you’re slightly right about the second. But we’re sure that there are some things about cleaning cars that your good old father didn’t teach you (or probably didn’t know himself). We’re going to point a few of them out in this post.

  • car cleaningDirt gets trapped just at the top of the glass: How do you clean the glass on your car doors? Wipe it both on the inside and the outside? Great! Genius! But here’s something daddy didn’t tell you. Dirt easily stays unreached just at the top of the glass where it’s thick. And since you mostly keep the car tightly wound up when washing it, you’re not likely to reach up there. So the next time you drive with the glass wound down, some wind or a little moisture brings down the trapped dirt and stains your freshly cleaned glass. Professional car wash operators know to look out for this and will definitely take care of it for you.
  • Dust accumulates in your air vents: Here’s another area where your donkey years of car washing may not exactly help. Especially for old cars that have been in use for a while, air vents can get clogged with dirt, dust and other tiny stuff. Clearing this will take more than just the routine washing over. Pressurized air is necessary to blow through the blockage and free up your air vents. Most people can’t even locate the air vent in the first place. So, clearing it up on your own may be quite a challenge and you should consider consulting professional car cleaners.
  • The internals: When you lift and look under the hood, staring back at you is a sitting duck for the accumulation of dirt. The whole array of engine, carburetor, radiator and so on are highly susceptible to thick grease stains from the spillage of lubricating oils and other vehicle fluid. Sometimes, dirt gets mixed in with this to give a terribly murky mixture that is highly difficult to get rid of. You don’t even want to start thinking of handling this on your own. Professional car cleaners are your best bet to do a thorough job and make your vehicle as clean as new.

The point of this article is not to convince you to stop cleaning your car totally- that would be unwise. Rather, you should have a scheduled period (say once in a month or every other month) where you either take your vehicle to the car wash or hire professional car cleaners. The cost will be worth it in the long run as your car stays clean and in proper shape helping you to get a fair vehicle should you want to get it sold.