How to clean your used stoves and refrigerators

Buying new appliances can be so expensive, especially when you aren’t sure with the brand. Some brands just take your money and leave you with appliances that frequently break down hence you are always spending more in repairs and maintenance.

stoves and refrigeratorsDoes it even make sense?

Why are so many people obsessed with brand new stuff that doesn’t last? You find that most people would rather buy appliances from brands they’ve never heard before just because they are new. When I bought my refrigerator from PG Used Appliances, I didn’t doubt how efficient it would be given I was referred by a friend. It was a single door refrigerator and was in perfect health.

Much worse than people obsessed with buying new stuff are those who buy counterfeits knowing how unreliable and risky they are. I think I learned my lessons quite well when my microwave blew up just a week after I bought it. Since then I have been an ardent fan of rebuilt and used appliances. Trust me, they are durable and will serve you better than these cheap clown appliances from China.

However, you must know how to really take care of your appliances, used appliances like stoves and refrigerators are victims of neglect, people tend to give more care to new stuff, but also cleaning used appliances needs a level of skill. Overtime, the sparkling new used refrigerator I had bought gathered dust on the top and grunge inside and I had to clean it myself.

Tips on cleaning a refrigerator and stoves

Clean the condenser coils— you’re not doing your refrigerator any justice by wiping its surface and maintaining the aesthetics alone.

Clean its condenser coils, they are located at the back or the bottom. Power your vacuum cleaner to remove all the dust. With so much dust at the condenser coils, your fridge will not only be inefficient but, it can also gather rust when it gets in contact with moisture. So clean the condenser coils and add it more life.

Clean condenser coils also keeps the compressor’s heat moderated. When the compressor overheats it might reduce your fridge’s lifespan.

For stove

Lift the top- If you called a friend and told him you’ll be busy cleaning your stove, he will wonder how long it takes to ‘shake the dust’ off your stove top. However, we mostly do it wrong. When you only clean the top part, you leave a lot of grime beneath. Open the top part and use aerosol free Easy-off to remove the dried stains and grease and grime.

Do the same for the grills, remove them and spray them, be careful which spray you use as some are aggressive on paints.

The thing is, there’s a lot of dirt that remain on the crevices and under the top. When the spray has detached the grime from the grills and beneath them just use a soft brush and a soft towel to wash and dry it. An old toothbrush can work great in small cracks.

You will be astounded by the sparkling clean stove you have. And, you don’t have to do all the skin-peeling scrubbing.

When well maintained, used appliances can always serve for such a long time. Just be sure to know your brands and the dealers you buy from.