Commercial Carpet Cleaning Benefits

Commercial carpet cleaning helps a great deal in maintaining the integrity of your business floors. When customers walk in your door, your carpet is one of the things they notice. This should therefore create a lasting impression. A lot of industrial carpets cleaning solutions today offer their high quality services at affordable rates; not to mention the state of the art equipment and advanced products and solutions that are available as a result of technological innovations.

There are two main types of commercial carpet cleaning; encapsulation and hot water extraction.


Hot Water Extraction

Most people refer to this method as steam cleaning. Well, no amount of steam can be able to effectively remove all the dirt present so of course a substantial amount of moisture has to be present. At sea level, water boils at a very high temperature of 212 degrees. This is what comes out of the wand tip and sucks the dirt out of your carpet.

The advantage with this method is the level of effectiveness in flushing out all the dirt, dust and allergens present in your carpet. The disadvantage is that if not handled correctly, these extreme temperatures can cause damage to your carpet. It can also cause dry rot. This simply means that your carpet is dried too soon after being wet or more likely has been wetted and dried too often.


It involves a solution applied to the carpet and worked around it using a scrub pad or a rotary floor machine. The carpet will release the surface dirt/soil which is vacuumed. As this happens, more soil and dirt will be pulled from the carpet and sucked into the vacuum.

Benefits include the fast drying time, the spots don’t return to the carpet, and the carpet stays clean for a longer period of time. The downside is that the process may not fully flush out all the dirt present in the carpet.

Fortunately, these two methods can be combined to achieve the optimum results for your carpet. After a few encapsulation processes, one hot water method is applied. The frequency of your cleaning will depend on the activity surrounding your enterprise.

Why you should Hire Commercial Carpet Cleaning Professionals

  • We have skilled, experienced and certified personnel
  • We have the right tools and products for the job.
  • Our prices are affordable to suit your needs.
  • We pride ourselves on being at your beck and call when the need arises.
  • Remove stains, dust, mites and other allergens present

A carpet makes up a large part of your office or business and is therefore bound to create a lasting image to your potential clients. The condition of your carpet should leave them impressed in your diligence to seemingly small matters.

  • Retain the quality and shape of your carpet

Due to the hassle and bustle of work life, maintaining a uniform appearance of your carpet might prove difficult; especially in high traffic areas. Allow us to restore the natural and clean texture of your carpet.

  • Increase your carpets’ lifespan

Experts have the right tools and knowledge to get the job done depending on your carpet’s material or fiber. The right products will increase its longevity.

  • Promote a clean and healthy work atmosphere for your daily work activities

Your employees or work colleagues spend a considerable amount of time in the office/business. Cleaning significantly reduces germs, bacteria and other allergens that some may be allergic to. A clean carpet is a sure way to keep them healthy and productive.